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I’m a former journalist and political campaign staffer who decided to stop working for others and to take what I knew and build a digital media company that gained over 500,000 hits in the first three months of the websites launch with audiences in 70 countries and growing. 

But more than that...

I’m a mom to ...

The Sanjanetta Barnes Podcast (Coming Soon!)

The Sanjanetta Barnes Podcast is a platform for the everyday entrepreneur to learn how to cultivate networks and advance their brands image. Every week, I draw from personal stories, experiences, and current events to help entrepreneurs gain valuable insight into the benefits and obstacles of the entrepreneurship ...

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Who are we?

Simply put, we are digital storytellers who created an online platform to make the magic of video content easier for the everyday …

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Discovery Session - 30 minutes

Discovery calls focus on identifying your goal, where you might be stuck or want support. During this session you can expect a one-on-one …

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Strategy Session - 60 Minutes

Proceed with our strategy session after completing the discovery session. Here, is where the real work begins! This session is customized …

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