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I got 99 problems but branding ain't one of them. Why? I believe everyone should view their lives as a brand we can monetize. 


You are a brand. Let me say it again for the people in the back, you are a brand, and don't forget that!


You are a brand that you can monetize if you get clarity on your brands purpose, are willing to create a proper strategy, and hold yourself accountable, but more importantly, a willingness to do the work! 


Every week, we get to learn and have fun while we monetize our brands! Some days are all about reflection and tough lessons, where others are all about the memes expressing how the week is going. Either way, the goal is simple..."We tryin' to get paid!"  


I’m always trying to improve my content by making it more fun for you to read and, hopefully, continue to get something of value out of it. My blog wouldn’t exist without my readers, so I balance staying true to my wonderful community with experimenting with (hopefully) better materials, writing techniques, and artistic designs. If there’s anything I could be doing better with my blog, please don’t hesitate to give me suggestions!

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